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Purple Cow

Evolution of the species


Germany’s favourite chocolate is wrapped in purple paper and made with the milk of a purple cow ... famous symbol for old and young. In 1995, Henrik Strasser came to Transsylvania Trophy with a purple coloured Mercedes G wagon.

The vehicle had its nickname immediately. Just like the series of race trucks that Henrik built during the following years. He won the Croatia Trophy with Purple Cow # eleven with a hydraulic Ramsey winch installed in front. Later, the winch was installed behind the seats.

Purple Days


The trend was followed by the most ingenious offroaders. Steffi and Ralf Berlit came to Henrik’s “Purple Days” in a quarry in Bavaria with a Defender and a hydraulic winch that they already performed successfully at Croatia Trophy some months ago.

Others still have to work on their winch installation, for full power and speed.

Let’s start fighting in the seven sections! Watch out for press reports in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, for all off road fans from the border of the Northern Sea to the Alps ... and overseas!