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Vehicle Specific Mounting Kits


The way of mounting electrical front mount winches is described by the position of the winch in relation to the front bumper of the vehicle:


hidden behind the bumper

The winch is mounted behind the bumper, and is covered by the bumper. Only the roller guide is visible.
Due to the size of the winches, this is only possible for low profile winches (REP series).


below the bumper

The winch is mounted below the bumper. Parts of the bumper may be cut out. 


in front of the bumper

The winch is mounted in front of the bumper. The bumper is covered by the winch console.


above the bumper

The winch is mounted above the bumper.


replacing the bumper

The original bumper is replaced by a special bumper, or the original bumper is modified to allow winch mounting.


on the frame

The winch is mounted on the vehicle frame, between the radiator and the bumper.



The mounting kit replaces the center part of the bumper. 




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