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CTEK Battery Chargers


Professionel devices, safe and simple handling

For better performance and life time of your battery

each CTEK battery charger is

- high frequency charging device

- fully automatic, electronically controlled

- for all lead-acid batteries (wet, AGM and GEL)

- gentle loading without voltage peaks

- for longer battery life

- for battery reanimation

- for outdoor use resp. waterproof

- for charging batteries while they are connected

- for permanent connection to the battery

- safe without supervision

- GS (guaranteed saftey) approved

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For selection of the right battery charger, voltage (6 volts, 12 or 24 volts) is to be considered in the first place. Then, the size of the battery and the desired functions of the charger.




Immediate recharge is crucial for a discharged battery to avoid irreversible sulphation (which would finish battery lifetime)!

Specifications XC 0.8










Specifications XS 0.8










Specifications MXS 3.8









Specifications MXS 5.0










Specifications MXS 7.0










Specifications MXS 10










Specifications MXS 25










Specifications MXT 14


Accessories for XS 0.8, MXS 3.8, MXS 7.0


CTEK’s new ADD-ON Comfort Indicator is designed and developed to make the maintenance of the battery in the vehicle easy and convenient. Comfort Indicator easily shows the status on the battery and makes sure that the battery can always get the care it needs. CTEK’s Comfort Indicator can prolong the life expectancy of the battery, as it makes sure it can always be fully charged and it indicates when the harmful sulphation process begins. It is perfect for all CTEK 12V battery chargers with Comfort Connect, XS 0.8, MXS 3.6 and MXS 7.0. 15A fuse